2023 Reunion and News

Reunion Minutes

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Minutes from the 119th Conard Reunion

Reunion Photos

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Reunion 2023 group piture

30 in attendance, namely

Jesse Hallowell
Ray and Peg Shipe
Regina Spindler
Ken Spindler
Stephanie Eloe
MaryAnn Walton Davis
Marissa, Matt and Marshall Manafro
Charles C. Wilson
Robin Hunt
Shannon and Chuck Rathay
Deb Johnston
Janet and Tom Roeber
Diane Miernicki
Barb Kelly and Sam Conard
Denise, Cole, Jaxson, Trace Waltemyer
Ann Wilson
Andrew Conard
Judy Conard
Dottie Wiley (not pictured)
2023 awards


Youngest Cousin: Marshall Manafro 1.5 years old
Youngest Boy: Trace Waltmeyer 5 years old
Youngest Girl: none present
Oldest Lady: Regina Conrad Spindler from Idaho 81 years old
Oldest Gentleman: Charlie Wilson DMD 73 years old
Most Recently Married: Marissa & Matt Manafro (2016)
*Sam & Barb Conard sat in for his daughter Marissa and her husband.
Longest Married: Peg & Ray Shipe since 1974
Longest Distance Traveled: Regina Conrad Spindler and two of her children (Ken and Stephanie)
Special Mention: Cousin Andrew Conard from the Licking County Ohio Conard Reunion joined too.
2023 youngest cousin and mother

Youngest Cousin Marshall Manafro with his mom.

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Robert Proud, in his history of Pennsylvania says, “Among the first Germantown settlers was Dennis Conrad. The first religious meeting of the Quakers, in that place, was held at his house in 1683. He was a hospitable, well-disposed man, of an inoffensive life and good character.”