Signature of Madtis Conders
The Signature of Madtis Conders

MADTIS CONDERS, the second son, was born in Crefeld, Germany, 11th month 25, 1679. He married Barbara Tyson 5th month 29th, 1706, presumably a daughter of Reiner Tyson, one of the original Crefeld emigrants, a man who figured as one of the leading Friends in the Germantown Colony. Madtis followed the occupation of a husbandman, and died in 1726, three years before his father, and when but forty-seven years of age. His wife and seven children born of the marriage survived him. The children were all minors at the time of his death, and were named respectively, Anthony, Margaret, who married Jacob Shoemaker, Cornelius, Magdalen, who married George Inglass, William, John and Mathias. He named his brothers, John of Upper Dublin, and Henry of Whitpain, for guardians of his children, and appointed "my well beloved wife" to be sole executrix of his estate. He expressed the desire that his wife and children should "live peaceably and lovingly together on my plantation, and that my children be maintained out of the profits thereof during their minority." His will was doubtless made during his death sickness, and at a time when he was too weak in body to sign his name. He lived, however, some six or seven months after preparing his will. Madtis was married at Germantown and continued to live there during his married life. His children were all born there. His descendants, most of whom adopted and spelt their names "Conard," are to be found in Chester, Lancaster, Bucks and Montgomery} Counties, and in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Among the descendants of Madtis are Samuel Conard, who for many years was the junior partner in the firm of Cooper & Conard, of 9th and Market Sts., Philadelphia, and also the Conards who have been for so long identified with the Dingee & Conard Nurseries of West Grove, in Cliester County. Madtis and his wife were doubtless buried in the old Friends graveyard at Germantown.


I Mathias Cunrade of German Township in the County of Philadelphia in the Province of Pensilvania husbandman being sick in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, praises be given to God for the same, this twenty ninth day of the eight month in the year One Thousand seven hundred twenty five doe make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following hereby revoking all other Wills heretofore by me made. Imp I will That all my Just Debts and funeral expenses paid and discharged by my Executrix hereafter named. Item I give and bequeath out of my personal Estate the sum of Eight pounds to my beloved wife as a particular free gift. Item I give devise and bequeath my land and plantation whereupon I now dwell with all its appurtenances whatsoever contain Abt one hundred and fifty accers of Land more or less to be sold by my trusty and loving bro. John Cunrad of Upper Dublin & my bro. Henry of _______ together with my wife or by the Survivor or survivors of them and make good title thereof to the buyer & to their heirs forever to the only and proper of my wife, one third part of the purchase or value of the said land when sold, to my wife during her life; and After her decease to be divided by her among my children viz : Anthony, Margaret, Cornelius, Magdalen, William, John and Mathias or among the survivors of them. And the other two thirds of my said land and plantation be sold for to be equally divided among my said children or among the survivors of them when sold. Item It is my will That my personal Estate be divided among my wife and my said children reserving to my wife her third thereof and the remainder viz the two thirds part of my sd personal estat to be equally divided among my children, but if any happen to die after dividend be made, & before such attain to the age of one and Twenty, or be married It is my will that the Dividend or proportion fall among the survivors of my children. Item it is my Will and Desire that my Wife and children may live peaceably and lovingly together on my plantation, and that my children be maintained out of the profits thereof during their minority. Alsoe I doe hereby nominal and appoint my said loving bretheren John and Henry Cunrade to be Guardians of my children according to the true intent and meaning of this my Will, And Alsoe it is my Will That if my son Anthony be inclined to purchase my sd land and plantation when it is intended for sale. It is my Will that he may have the offer before any other upon reasonable terms Item I nominat and appoint my well beloved wife to be sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament.


Signed and published in the presence of Rouland Ellis, Katharine Ellis, Katharine Ellis junr.

[Proven April 2nd, 1726.]

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