2018 Reunion and News

2018 Conard Reunion Attendees

2018 Conard Reunion Attendees

Conard Homestead Whitpain Township

John & Sarah Conard's homestead in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, PA was near the corner of Penllyn Blue Bell Pike and Township Line Road. The nearly 100 acre farm was sold and house torn down after WWII. Today IPS Integrated Project Services LLC occupies the land.

Minutes of the 115 th Annual Conard Reunion
Horsham Meetinghouse, Horsham, Pa.
June 16, 2018

The 115 th annual reunion of the descendants of John and Sara Childs Conard was held June 16, 2018 at the Horsham Meetinghouse, Horsham, Pa. Thirty cousins attended. The meeting was called to order by John Conard, filling in for Jesse Hallowell (who was Unable to attend), at 11:00 am. A moment of silence was observed in memory of our past members, members of the military and those unable to attend. Roll call was taken for the branches, Peter branch 15, Joseph branch 7, James, Albert, John, Lewis and Isaac had no members attending.

We all joined in singing the Conard Song to harmonica music played via a Bluetooth speaker, provided by Madison Shipe. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music.

John asked that the executive members introduce themselves, and all in attendance as well.

It was announced that there were five births last year.
Colton Samuel Karl d.o.b. 11-10-17 son of William Karl and Jess.
Remi Elizabeth Laffey d.o.b. 6-12-17 daughter of Chris and Lindsay Laffey
Benjamen Hastings Sharrett, d.o.b. 4-18-18 son of Michael and Kristen Sharrett.
The other births will be recorded when the information is available.

There were two deaths last year,
Virginia Conard, Sam Conards’ mother just recently passed.
James L. Schumacher, on 10-18-17, brother of Keith Schumacher.

The minutes from last years meeting were handed out for families to read, and were approved.

Sam Conard gave the treasurers report and had copies for review, they were also approved.

A copy is included with the minutes.

Dottie Wiley gave a report of the 55 copies of the Conard genealogy, 51 are still avail- able for purchase at 10.00 each, or 13.00 if mailed.

Keith Schumacher shared that he had taken the 23 & me geneolgy test and he jokingly said he indeed belonged to the Conard family. He found it to be very interesting and encouraged anyone interested in their ancestry to possibly do the same. The program was given by Sam Conard about Charles Crozer Conard, who was killed in W.W. I.

He brought artifacts along and displayed them in the social hall for everyone to view. He felt that it would be more interesting for us to view the artifacts than to talk about them.

New business: John asked that we set the date for next year, and there was some dis- cussion about possibly moving the date, and it was decided to keep it on the third sat. We will meet here at Horsham Meeting on June 15, 2019 at 10:30 for sign in, and 11:00 Meeting for the 116 th reunion. The planning meeting will be chosen at a later date for next spring, since some of the members weren’t in attendance to make a decision.

Awards were handed out by Peggy Shipe with Madison assisting and Megan Ammon taking the pictures.

Oldest gentleman, Ted Beechwood d.o.b. 4-15-26
Oldest lady,Doris Beechwood d.o.b. 12-5-28
Couple married longest,Penrose and Trish Hallowell 8-19-1950
Couple newly married,Jonathan and Chrissy Conard 9-22-17
Youngest child,(no young children in attendance this year)
Family traveling farthest,Keith Schumacher from Vermont

A gift was given to Doris Beechwood for her years of dedication and service.

Penrose talked about Sam Walker and his years of playing baseball. He had traveled south to play ball, only to discover that sort of life wasn’t what he wanted, so he re- turned home. Chief Bender tried to convince him to return by traveling to the farm, but but to no avail. Penny shared that he felt that he could have made it to the major leagues, he was that good. It was nice that he was able to share his memories. His memories were recorded as he spoke. Thank-you Penrose.

Doris and her daughter Janice shared with the group, a story of the Conard Crest Coat of arms from Krefield Germany.

They showed pictures and explained some of the history, even though the coat of arms isn’t quite authentically the Conard crest.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.

A group picture was taken out on the front porch.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch in the social hall afterwards.

Officers:PresidentJesse Hallowell
Vice Pres.John Conard
Treas.Sam Conard
Sec.Peg Shipe

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Shipe

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