2017 Reunion and News

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 001 2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 002

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 003

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

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2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

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2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

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2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

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2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 008

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party.

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 009

Sam Conard, Tyler Conard, and Penny Hallowell taken at Sam's farm in Hillsborough NJ.

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 010

Out-going president George and in-coming president Jesse.

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 011

On July 17 2017, Penny Hallowell (grandson of Ellen Ambler Conard Wilson) visited Ted (another grandson of Ellen) and Helen Wilson's daughters in Wyalusing PA. Left to right is Denise, Anne, and Edna Jean. Denise's twin grandsons Cole and Jackson joined in.

2017 Conard Reunion & 70th PaFF Party 012

Jesse Hallowell donated Peter Conard & Sarah Ambler’s 1836 Quaker wedding certificate to the Conard Family Collection at The Wissahickon Valley Historical Society on 7/20/2017.

Minutes of the 114th Annual Conard Reunion

Horsham Meetinghouse, Horsham, Pa.

June 17, 2017

The 114th annual reunion of the descendants of John and Sara Childs Conard was held on June 17, 2017 at the Horsham Meetinghouse, Horsham, Pa. Thirty-three cousins attended.

The meeting was called to order by President George Conard at 10:55 am. A moment of silence was observed in memory of our past members, those in the military and others unable to attend. President George greeted everyone and thanked Frank Jarrett and Jim Thompson for arranging for the use of the facility.

Jesse Hallowell led us as we all joined in singing the Conard Clan song, and we all miss Sam Walker's harmonica accompaniment. Roll call was then taken of the Conard Branches. There were 33 cousins attending, 22 from the Peter branch, and 11 from the Joseph branch. No one from the James, Albert, John, Lewis or Isaac branches attending.

Copies of the 113th reunion minutes were passed out to everyone to look over, and were approved. The treasurer's report was given by John Conard, a motion was made to approve the report and was seconded. $3283.78 bal. $290.00 dep. $39.00 dep. $150.00 rental of meetinghouse, $169.65 mailings (outstanding) $3432.78 bal. as of today. Judy announced she has donations over $200.00, book sales, and today's donations to add.

Judy Conard shared that she was able to update the mailing list and write the newsletter and Sam Conard helped stuff and mail 360 newsletters out for the reunion.

Dottie Wiley reported that only 6 Conard books are left, and that she checked with the publisher about ordering 50 more copies. The cost per book would be $16.50 totaling $830.00. She stated that George Conard and Penrose Hallowell had made a donation in 2012 to help defray the cost of the original printing and keep the cost down to $10.00 per book for purchase. There was a motion to go ahead and order the 50 books and it was seconded.

Doug Miller ,historian from Pennsbury Manor was our guest speaker and shared the history of William Penn and the Lenape Indians and gave us a very indepth and interesting view from the past. (45 mins.)

George asked for any old business, obituaries, the passing of Dr. Bob Wilson and others were shared, as well as marriages, and several births this past year. Another moment of silence was observed for those that have passed.

Sam Conard, stated that due to the time he would share his information about his grandfather's half brother, Charles Crozer Conard who was killed in W.W.I next year. He brought artifacts along and they were displayed in the dining hall for us to view.

Jesse Hallowell shared that he discovered that there is another Conard Reunion that is held every year in Ohio, and that we are certainly related. Each invited the others to attend their reunions.

George announced that next year's planning meeting would be held on 4-7-18 at the Cock n Bull, and the reunion would be held 6-16-18 here at the Meetinghouse. All agreed and was approved.

George was given a book and gift card along with a card that everyone had signed, as he is stepping down as our President. He has done a wonderful job guiding us and we will miss his leadership as he retires.


President Jesse Hallowell

Vice Pres. John Conard

Tres. Sam Conard

Sec. Peggy Shipe

A motion was made and seconded and the officers accepted.

Doris Beechwood handed out the awards for the following:

Oldest man, Ken Zeller age 83 yrs. actually (91 yrs.Ted Beechwood) passed because of winning last.

Eldest lady, Gertrude Delano 82 yrs. (88 yrs. Doris Beechwood)

Longest married, Ken and Mary Zellar 54 yrs. (Penrose & Trish Hallowell, and Ted & Doris Beechwood both married 68 years, passed on the honor)

Sam Conard newly married since last reunion, to Barbara Kelly (unable to attend)

Cousin traveling farthest, from Iowa, Doug Conard and wife Sondra (Peter Branch)

Youngest child, 2 ½ yrs. Levi Ratkay, Grandson of Sam Conard

The meeting was adjourned at approx. 12:28 pm. A group picture was taken in front of the meetinghouse, with a delicious lunch shared in the social room.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Shipe

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