2019 Reunion and News

2019 Conard Reunion Attendees

Ray, Peg, Madison Shipe, George and Judy Conard, Sam Conard, Doris andTed Beechwood, Jackie, Janice Beechwood Sharret, Dottie Wiley, Betty Lou Hallowell Rhodes, Mary Zeller, John P. Conner, Hannah Drake, Kaitlynn Prickett and Charles McBride, Tammy Delano-Prout, Gurtrude Delano, Wendy Drake Prickett, Bonny and Bill Barnhill, Jesse, Sunny, Jane, and Penrose Hallowell, Penny and Trish Hallowell, Charles C. Wilson, Barry S. Slosberg (took the picture), John and Jamie Marks

Barry Slosberg presenting

Antique expert and appraiser Barry Slosberg presented to the Reunion. Bottom Line: antiques are only valuable to their owners!

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Minutes of the 116th Annual Conard Reunion
Horsham Meetinghouse, Horsham, Pa.
June 15, 2019

The 116 th annual reunion of the descendants of John and Sara Childs Conard was held Sat. June 15, 2019 at the Horsham Meetinghouse, Horsham Pa. Jesse Hallowell, was very honored to call the meeting to order with the gavel at 11:00 am. and take his place as President.
The 2018 minutes were handed out along with the Conard song sheets and everyone was greeted and welcomed to the reunion. It was noted that the Conard song was written by Emma J. Wilson, Born in 1885 who was a teacher in Ohio, was Penrose Hallowells’ aunt.
Madison Shipe provided the music via Bluetooth as we sang the Conard song.

Jesse introduced the current officers.

Jesse HallowellPres.
John ConardV. Pres.
Sam ConardTres.
Peg ShipeSec.

Judy Conard made a motion that we accept the minutes from 2018, and Mary Zeller seconded it.
The Tres. Report was given by Sam Conard. We have a bal. as of today of $2,245.53. John made a motion to accept, and Judy seconded it. It was approved. The full report follows on a separate sheet for the minutes.

Newsletters: Judy, George and Sam Conard did a wonderful job of getting the news- letter ready, and mailed.
347 were mailed, 15 couldn’t be delivered.

Books: Dottie Wiley gave the report of 45 books left, 4 were sold since the newsletter went out. A suggestion was made to make an addendum to update the existing books next time rather than reprint the book. The most recent printing to update is about five years old.

Old business: Jesse updated information on deaths the past year:

James R. Conard4-5-18
Sam Hunt7-20-18
Ken Burnhart5-7-18

Many birth announcements, the entire list is included on a separate sheet.

Whitney Elizabeth McKinski9-10-18Matt and Lauren Karl McKinski
Briar Catherine Ammon4-25-19Josh and Megan Shipe Ammon

Jesse noted that there is also another Conard Reunion being held next weekend in Liching County, Ohio at the fairgrounds, and we are more than welcome to attend.

Nominations: Jesse suggested that we retain all of the officers for two more years. Mary Zeller made the motion to keep the current officers, Bill seconded it. The motion was approved.

Roll Call:Joseph branch6 cousins
Peter branch24 cousins

We had two guests join us this year from Pottstown, Pa. Bill and Bonnie Barnhill. They discovered our reunion through our website, and contacted Jesse. Although they are from a different branch we were so glad they could join us.

Awards: Given out by Peg and Madison Shipe

Youngest: Penrose Hallowell age 7 (a teddybear)

Oldest lady: Doris Beechwood age 90 (a mug cover)

Oldest gentleman: Ted Beechwood age 93 (a mug cover)

Married longest: tied: Ted & Doris Beechwood, 69 years in August and April (Edison lantern)
Note: Penrose and Trish 69 yrs. in October

Traveled farthest: Ken Zelle from Mt. Airy N.C. (globe lantern) son of Mary Conard Zelle

Jesse noted that there is a Conard family table dating back to 1683 that the very first protest was made against slavery. It is located in the Germantown Mennonite Meeting, in Philadelphia.

Our guest speaker was Barry S. Slosberg, from Phila. Pa. from the Antique Gallery. He brought several interesting items with him and shared with us their worth. Noting that things were worth much more just 15 years ago, as the market has dropped and things are worth so much less now. One of the items he brought was a ballot box with black and white marbles in it, used to vote.

Next years reunion: It was decided that next years reunion be held June 20, 2020 at Horsham Meeting. John Conard made a motion, Janice Sharrett seconded it, and was approved.

Gertie Conard brought a framed certificate of a Graduation from 1891. She noted that one of the names on it, was Samuel Walker. Jesse suggested that the donation be placed with the other Conard items in the Wissohicken Historical Society.

The meeting was adjourned at approx.. 12:30 and we had our group picture taken on the front porch.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch in the social hall as Barry Slosberg looked over the items that we brought for him to kindly give us some idea of their value. We all enjoyed finding out some information from him, and were very appreciative of his expertise.

Respectfully submitted,

Peg Shipe Sec.

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Kunders, an humble wool dyer from the banks of the Rhine, who, settling in the untrodden wilds of America, and pursuing the even tenor of a modest and uneventful life, “builded better than he knew.”

Robert Proud, in his history of Pennsylvania says, “Among the first Germantown settlers was Dennis Conrad. The first religious meeting of the Quakers, in that place, was held at his house in 1683. He was a hospitable, well-disposed man, of an inoffensive life and good character.”