ELIZABETH CUNRAD, seventh and last child, was born at Germantown, 2d mo. 28th, 1691, and was married 11th mo. 30th, 1709, to Griffith Jones at the “Abington Meetinghouse” which was apparently in Germantown at the time. At that time the Abington and Germantown meetings were connected. Griffith was born in Wales in 1690, and came to America in 1698.

At the time Thones Kunders made his will, he speaks of his son-in- law Griffith Jones as dwelling with him. This was in the year 1722. It was thought that the wife of Thones had died previous to this time, and that Thones was making his home with his daughter Elizabeth and her husband, in the old house in Germantown which Thones had built. By his will this house "and the lot thereunto belonging containing fifty acres” was devised to his son-in-law, Griffith Jones, provided the latter should pay the sum of £150 which was to be distributed among the seven children of Thones. Griffith Jones seems to have had the respect and confidence of Thones, for he is entrusted with the execution of the details of his will, and is also appointed one of his executors. Elizabeth and her husband are buried in the old Friend Burying Ground at Germantown. Griffith died in 1747 and Elizabeth died ten years later in 1757.

For many years it was reported on this web site and in many other places that Elizabeth Cunrad and Griffith Jones had no children, but that was not true. In June of 2010 I was contacted by a descendant of Elizabeth and Griffith Jones who supplied with names, dates and family history of the nine children and other descendants of Elizabeth Cunrads and Griffith Jones.

Thanks to Tracey Rich of King of Prussia PA we know that this line produced many interesting and influential people, such as Arthur Woodruff Jones who was president of the Germantown Saving Fund Society for 24 years and Mary Jones whose house is now the site of the Camden County Historical Society. The house, once known as Pomona Hall, has the initials “M M 1788” written on the chimney of the building that refers to Mary and her husband Marmaduke.

Click below to read more information on the descendants of Elizabeth Cunrad and Griffith Jones, Thones Kunders 7th child.

Children of Elizabeth Cunreds and Griffith Jones (PDF)
Children of Elizabeth Cunreds and Griffith Jones (MS Word)

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Kunders, an humble wool dyer from the banks of the Rhine, who, settling in the untrodden wilds of America, and pursuing the even tenor of a modest and uneventful life, “builded better than he knew.”

Robert Proud, in his history of Pennsylvania says, “Among the first Germantown settlers was Dennis Conrad. The first religious meeting of the Quakers, in that place, was held at his house in 1683. He was a hospitable, well-disposed man, of an inoffensive life and good character.”