ANN CUNRAD, the fourth child, and first daughter, was born at Germantown, 5th mo. 4th, 1684, and was the first child of the family born in America. She was married 7th mo. 26th, 1715, to Leonard Streypers, presumably a son of William Streypers and a brother of Katherine Streypers, who married Henry Cunreds a brother of Ann. Ann and her husband are supposed to have been first cousins. Of their descendants but very little is known.

AGNES CUNRAD, the fifth child, and second daughter, was born at Germantown, 9th mo.28th, 1686, and was married 10th mo. 26th, 1709, to Samuel Powell. Further than this nothing seems to be known of her.

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Kunders, an humble wool dyer from the banks of the Rhine, who, settling in the untrodden wilds of America, and pursuing the even tenor of a modest and uneventful life, “builded better than he knew.”

Robert Proud, in his history of Pennsylvania says, “Among the first Germantown settlers was Dennis Conrad. The first religious meeting of the Quakers, in that place, was held at his house in 1683. He was a hospitable, well-disposed man, of an inoffensive life and good character.”